December 29, 2018

New Computer, Old Office

Hurricane Michael made a mess of my office, in additional to rusting my desk legs, punched out a window, ruined my flooring, screens, doors, everything in my office had to be tossed... except the desk. I refurbished the desk. It has cast iron legs, so the legs were first steel brushed and sanded. Then I used a product called Rustzilla, which was simply amazing, converting the rust to a polymer coating that then could be painted. Which I did with Rustoleum. I had to replace my computer, monitors, keyboard, mouse etc. Everything electronic, something about water and electric stuff. So now I'm busy with the task of processing images before and after the hurricane and updating my Websites. While I was off line one of my servers was hacked and I had to delete about 20 Websites that were compromised. So I'm redesigning all of those as well, updating to Bootstrap 4 Framework as I go. So 2019 will be a rebuild year, for my house, my town, and many of my Websites.