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This is my Web Design experimental test site, as such everything within this site is fictional. But that doesn't mean you can't get support from our staff. Our staff is eager to make your acquaintance. All these email addresses are hot and functional. For real we do Full Monte Web development a one stop shop for our existing clientele.

About Us

We're just a nerd programmer couple doing our thing

Nerdy programmer owners at the 4ort grinning as only nerd programmers can do


Guaranteed 24 hour response time for Service Contract Customers

We will fix it


No job openings currently, but who knows, maybe so maybe no

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We read and respond to every email, of course!

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The Field

Contact Big Al for any and all local On Site Field work

Big Al is big, they say he was born big


Uncle Lou handles gripes quickly and quietly

Uncle Lou with his sideways glance


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