Dreaming of a New Website

Not to be forgotten Digital Design

Simmons Bayou and Cape San Blas Graphic Design

An image of man looking across a body of water to a 4ort


Dreaming of a new Website? If you do seek therapy. Seriously though, if you are, good luck, there are a lot of pretenders out there.


It was a beautiful day

A beautiful day, sunny and clear


...the sun beat down

The sun was hot and overbearing


...I had the radio on,

switched on the car radio


...I was drivin'

Bearded man driving a convertible car


...Trees went by,

driving on a winding road through a forest watching the trees whiz by


...me and Del were singin'

The driver was singing along with the car radio, which was playing Runaway by Del Shannon


...a little Runaway

A woman running away


...I was flyin'

A man with messy hair flying through the air


Yeah, runnin' down a dream

chasing a dream lover


...that never would come to me

but she's stubborn


Workin' on a mystery,

wondering while you wander


...goin' wherever it leads

following her till the end


Runnin' down a dream

running down a dream


...Wahoo, wahoo,




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