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An image of man looking across a body of water to a 4ort


All designers may have been created equal, but we all know the speed of technical achievement. Change is constant and continuous learning is essential. Our research and technical investment results in superior designs. Research then develop. And that is what this site is all about, it's a lab rat. An experiment. As I was saying, this site is of no interest to anyone but me, so run away, run run run, runaway.

...As I walk along, I wonder, what went wrong with our love

A lonely person walking down a deserted road at night with their head bowed down

...A love that was so strong. And as I still walk on, I think of

a long straight empy road through a rural countryside

...The things we've done together, While our hearts were young

A happy couple arm in arm in a parking lot at a baseball game

...I'm a walkin' in the rain. Tears are fallin' and I feel the pain

A shadowy figure walking in the rain

...Wishin' you were here by me, To end this misery

A window wall looking out into a bleak terrain while the interior of the room resembling the exterior

...Runaway run-run-run-run runaway

A bearded man running away from something

Thank You!

...let's hear it for Del Shannon

A bar scene with a performer on stage and an audience in attendance, it's Del Shannon, in a return engagement


just a fool

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