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An image of man looking across a body of water to a 4ort

Puppy Master

Welcome to the doghouse in the 4ort. The design process included a kennel of little helpers. Without them none of this would be possible so let me pay homage to my little buddies.

A photo of the Puppy Master
I want your puppies!


Ernest Von Hocking
Liked to carry logs, rolled them down hills and then fetched them.

A large, strong, and proud AKA Registered German Shepherd Dog, now retired, loved this dog, my first dog


Born during a Blizzard. The Love Sponge. I picked him from the litter when he untied my shoe.

A proud but accommodating  white lovable German Shepherd Dog, now retired, originally named Edgrrr Winter as he was born in a blizzard


Ozymandias. The Hammer. Followed me everywhere, watched my back.

A proud German Shepherd Dog, now retired, an athlete, ran like a deer used to hug me all the time


Sherman, tough guy, bottom Feeder. Little dog with huge heart, loved to wrestle and cuddle.

Multicolored Pembroke Welsh Corgi, now retired, loved this dog too, loved all my dogs, my last dog, unfortunately

... my pups

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