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Port St. Joe Sunset Photos

This site features a few of our sunset photos.

Port St. Joe is located in southern Gulf County in the Florida Panhandle, aka The Forgotten Coast. It lies between Wewahitchka to the north, Mexico Beach to the Northwest, and Apalachicola to the Southeast. It is a small friendly town with good restaurants, vacation rentals, live music venues, and outdoor family oriented adventures. It has superior grocery stores, hospitals, schools, and churches. A great community to live and visit. Which I do and did.

It's a dog friendly town to boot. It's shore on St. Joseph Bay faces West and features great sunsets. On Cape San Blas you can enjoy sunrises and sunsets. It has many beaches and parks to explore, fishing is great with a good selection of charter boats. You can also enjoy kayaking adventures, horseback riding on the beach, and there are many beautiful birds to photograph.

FAQ: What is an ort?

  • A scrap of food from a meal. Whatever is on one's plate after you finish eating. The scraps that remain after a meal is finished, as in leftovers.
  • Orts are also the leftover snips of thread that remain when finished stitching. They may be be tiny bits clipped when you run out of thread, or longer lengths you no longer need.
  • Stitchers save these random bits of thread, in of all things, an ort jar.
  • The word ort reportedly comes from Middle Low German and means leftover.

source: www.stitchedmodern.com


Port St. Joe Sunset looking out over St. Joseph Bay looking towards Cape Sab Blas, like a big eye in the sky
Glorious Port St. Joe Sunset - Photo taken from our office in Simmons Bayou on December 17, 2017


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